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Husband ’s Name :   K. Linganna
Permanent Address : Roddapalli
Age :  65 years

Her Story :
Lakshmi Devamma. the wife of Linganna, faced immense challenges after her husband’s death due to pneumonia, which he suffered for a prolonged period.  Linganna’s sheep husbandry business did
not generate sufficient income, resulting in financial strain on the family. Despite their efforts. they
accumulated significant debts over time. Her son,Thimma Raju, took over the sheep husbandry but struggled to make ends meet and provide proper care for his mother. Consequently, they sought assistance from the SERUD NGO.

SERUD has been an invaluable support system for Lakshmi Devamma, providing round the clock care, including shelter, daily meals, and emergency healthcare. The organization selflessly extends its services without expecting anything in return. Their involvement ensures that Lakshmi Devamma
receives the necessary support and attention that her son could not provide.

At SERUD’s Old Age Home her health and well-being is prioritized, allowing her to live a more secure and comfortable life.

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