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Here’s How Simple Act of Kindness Can Change Lives | Donation For Destitute

Yet another worth sharing story of a person, who recently made a donation to our NGO. But the story is not about his donation. The story is about the life changing incident which made him to help others.

Disclaimer: As usual, the names, location are changes due to the sensitivity. It is a real incident based shared by our donor. Any resemblance with living or dead is purely coincidental.

A week ago we had a guest at our JOY Home Orphanage, and like usual we welcomed him. He brought many snacks for the children. All the kids were happy. When everyone was busy eating, we went to him and thanked for his visit. He then introduced himself. He happens to be a person who visited the city just for 2 days.

He shared how an incident that happened while coming to the city has changed his perception and mentality.

He confessed that he was a very stubborn and care free person who hardly cared about anyone.

Though he was a very well settled businessman, he never made any charity or donation.

On his way to our city, his car broke down, when he stepped out his leg got twisted and he fell on the floor.

He looked around for help but there was no one around.

Just then he saw a boy of around 15 years passing by. He got down from his bicycle and came near him to help.

He had a water bottle (only 30% filled), the boy gave it to him. And made him sit back on the car seat. The boy then went to bring a repair man. Soon the car got repaired and by this time ‘our businessman’ was also fine…

He paid repair man and offered some money to the boy also.

Helping Others: Donation For Destitute

But the boy refuse to take money and said, “Sir, I helped you because you were in need of it & Helping others is priceless, can’t measure in money”.

This made a great impact on him, and he came straight to our orphanage and made donation.

The simple act of kindness by the young boy changed the life of that businessman and moreover everyone’s life whom he will help now.

Kindness is a chain and helping others is indeed priceless and more over it will make our world a better place.

Make a donation for Destitute, it’s just a click away.