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5 Reasons Why Donation For Child Education Is Noblest Of All

5 Reasons Why Donation For Child Education Is Noblest Of All

In this blog: Let’s learn why donation for child education is much bigger and more impactful than our expectations. Grab your seat belt as we provide rock-solid reasons to start donation for child education.

But before which lets put up some facts about Seruds and its contribution to a child’s education in India.

Seruds Contribution to Child Education:

  • A total of 350 students has availed scholarships from Seruds NGO.
  • Till today, more than 7800 poor kids have received education material as a donation
  • Every year, Seruds distribute sanitary napkins to teen girls who go to college and schools
  • More than 56 kids stay in Joy Home Orphanage by Seruds. FYI they all study in Ramakrishna Vidyalaya, Kurnool.
  • Toddlers close to 50 stays at Seruds Day Care Centers. They are educated with all preschool activities in a playful manner.

We are both happy and proud. Giving education to someone is the noblest deed of all. Your donations are really a big contribution for a better tomorrow.

For people who are still not convinced, go ahead reading the entire content. Other people skip to the bolded text.

Here’s Why Donation For Child Education Is Noblest:

1. Education teaches the child to build a better future.

“One who knows how to learn, will learn how to adapt”

2. Education helps a child to become a person that’s useful for society.

“The best education is the civic sense. That’s something that improves the society”

3. The true pillar of tomorrow’s nation is today’s education.

4. Donation for child education is like a chain reaction. It keeps spreading all by itself.

5. The more you spend on education, the more you get as satisfaction.

When we see kids working at tea stalls or begging on roads, it breaks our heart every time. We bet the same happens to you. This is why we say the donations for education is the noblest deed of all and the best charity.

Make a donation for child education now. Click to donate.