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‘She’ Is Capable of Everything – Donate To Women Skill Development

‘She’ Is Capable of Everything - Donate To Women Skill Development

This blog is all about how one can donate to women skill development programs conducted in SERUDS NGO because ‘She’ can do anything.

International Women’s Day just passed and we saw everyone putting up nice status updates on their Social Media handles, which is really nice.

But how many of us actually talk about supporting helpless women? There are millions of single mothers and ladies who want to live an independent life but can’t. 

You might think, there are hundreds of companies that offer jobs but the fact is those are for only educated women. How about the rural women who are not qualified or skilled at all?

Here’s Why We Need Y’all To Donate To Women Skill Development Programs:

We see hundreds of women who are left with no option but to opt for jobs that merely gives them a living. Not to mention pay disparity in India.

Hence Ngos like SERUDS and many others have started certain Women Skills development programs in India to make women independent even without qualification. 

‘She’ Is Capable of Everything - Donate To Women Skill Development

It includes:

1. Training in Tailoring & Embroidery For Women’s Skill Development:

We have been providing a 3-month training program on Tailoring & Embroidery to women every quarter. After completion of the training, each of the participants is given a free branded sewing machine and tool kit.

2. Software Training to Unemployed Youth:

 SERUDS has identified the need for training in computers to the educated unemployed youth. We select the poor youth from rural villages, urban slums based on their family income, which should be low or below the poverty line to be eligible for this program

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