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Donate Winter Clothes to Poor As Temperature Records Lowest in India

Let’s talk about how one can donate winter clothes to the poor and homeless people as the temperature records lowest in parts of India. 

It’s not a pep talk like our other articles but a reality check of how a little gratitude of yours can help save a life who probably could pass out in cold… Literally…

Winter is as harsh as it could be, on the contrary, we’ve been observing record-breaking lowest temperature in many parts of India. Reportedly, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and parts of other states received an ultimatum from the government about the temperature. 

Now, the whole point is can you donate winter wear to the poor? Honestly, it doesn’t have to be a winter sweatshirt. More than 45% of the below middle class and poor people wear shirts and t-shirts like 2 layers to keep warm.

Here’s How One Can Donate Winter Clothes To Poor in India:

Donate Your Old Clothes to the Poor:

As mentioned in our previous article, ‘Donate clothes’, there are ways of helping poor people with your old clothes. Arranging a pick up at your place for NGOs to pick up clothes is one option and visiting an NGO by yourself and dropping off your baggage of clothes is yet another possible action. 

Contribute to SERUDS Winter Charity:

SERUDS NGO in Kurnool has raised winter charity every year and the whole purpose is to help the shivering homeless people warm. Over the years the charity campaign for Winter is one of the most successful. So contribute accordingly to help poor people. 

Order Clothes to Deliver at NGO:

There are many people who stay in other states and their only question is, ‘How can we contribute?’ So, for such people, this option is always the best. Select the number of clothes that you wanna donate, put the delivery address as SERUDS. (View full address)

We are shivering inside our houses, underneath our blankets… just imagine the situation of the people who’re out on the street… donate winter clothes to the poor. Click to donate.