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Donate via Paypal to NGOs for These Important Causes

Donate via Paypal to NGOs for These Important Causes

In This Blog: Let’s discuss why it is important to donate via PayPal and what are the different causes in NGOs for which the charity can be done.

Paypal is the most famous platform for donating online for various charities. With an active user base of more than 277 million, it is the most recommended channel to make an online transaction.

Except for Paypal, there are many trusted platforms for online donations but since the trust among people for PayPal is more than any other platform.

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But one question still remains unanswered… What causes are to be supported? What NGOs are direly in need of?

PRO TIP: Never donate to any NGO in general. It is recommended to donate for a cause only.

Causes to Support by Making a Charity via PayPal

1. Educate Kids:

Donate via PayPal to educate underprivileged kids as the literacy stats in India (2018) was not as impressive as the economy deserves. One of the most important causes of NGOs that requires charities.

Donate via Paypal to NGOs

2. Feed the Needy People :

Do you know how many people die every year with hunger? Make a rough guess… its 9 million people. India is one of the most hunger deprived countries with more than 35% of children suffering from malnutrition. More hunger stats here.

3. Donate Medicine to Old Age Home:

Its harsh truth that the old age homes usually in need of medicines. They are infrequent need of medication and the need is more, supply is less. So it is direly recommended to donate via PayPal to old age homes.

4. Donate for Women Empowerment:

Nowadays many NGOs are specifically working on women empowerment programs. Seruds NGO also specifically makes a lot of efforts for women empowerment programs like training for fashion designing, tailoring, etc.

In Fact, PayPal has a separate portal to manage donations and make charity easy. Click to view. What are your views about the article? Comment below 🙂