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Donate to Help the Environment With Our New Charity Cause in India

In this blog, let’s explore the causes to donate to help the environment with SERUDS NGO in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh region. 

The charity for nature is for our own good. Literally speaking… the earth is dying and we are doing absolutely nothing to save it. There are adverse results of our interference in nature that falls back on our face in the form of natural calamities. 

Special Message: Odisha is burning. 

We raised our voices loud when the Australian bush fire and Amazon rainforest fire occurred but not when our home country was burning down. It’s our humble request to people to donate money to help them. 

Talking about the environment, we at SERUDS have announced environmental protection to help protect planet earth. 

Donate to Help Environment with SERUDS Charity Cause:

Major concerns for environmental protection as per the 2020 stats are as follows: 

  • Protecting The Oceans
  • Energy Transition And Renewables
  • Sustainable Food Model
  • Protecting Biodiversity
  • Sustainable Urban Development And Mobility
  • Hydric Stress And Water Scarcity
  • Extreme Meteorological Phenomena
  • Overpopulation And Waste Management

Problems are many but the solutions are likely possible if there are only 1% of the people working on it. We are all in this together. SERUDS environment protects charity cause is an initiative to start working on different aspects of plating the trees, awareness programs, and other stuff required to help the environment.

Click to contribute to SERUDS environmental protection cause.

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