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Donate Masks To Homeless In India & Help Prevent COVID-19

Ways To Donate Scholarship Funds Donate Masks To Homeless In India & Help Prevent COVID19 Orphans In India

For poor people, wearing a mask is also a luxury. Let’s explore ways to donate masks to homeless and help preventing COVID 19 in India.

It has been months since COVID-19 outbreak and the pandemic is spreading like fire. Due to its contagious nature controlling the outbreak is a challenge in itself.

In order to reduce the spread the medical experts advised people to wear face masks. Wearing a face mask is the first line of defense against COVID-19. 

While this move is quite effective, one challenge still stands. What about those who can’t afford a face mask?

Scarcity Of Masks Are At Its Peak Among Poor:

The Lockdown in the country has forced a lot of businesses to shut down and the economy is facing a downfall.

Along with this a lot of poor families are struggling. With no jobs, it is hard for them to afford even the basic necessities like food and shelter. In such cases, affording a facemask is out of question.

A face mask is the first line of defense against COVID-19. It helps to stop the spread of this virus. While many people use makeshift masks to protect themselves (Covering their nose and mouth with a cloth piece), the issued guidelines instruct us to use a proper face mask.

The destitute of the country cannot afford to buy these masks. This is indicated by the rapid spread of COVID-19 among them. While many of us stay safe under our roof, these people are out in the open, vulnerable.

How Can You Help Donate Masks To Poor?

  • You can donate homemade masks that fit the guideline to help these people.
  • You can also donate money to help provide masks and other COVID-19 relief facilities. 

We at SERUDS are  working to provide as much help to the needy.We are  However, the demand is huge and the resources are limited.

So we request you to step forward and make your contribution. Any kind of donation will be highly appreciated.If there is any way that you can help this is time to step forward. It is the times of distress that brings people together.

Lets unite to fight against COVID. Donate Now.