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Donate To Help Fight Hunger and Malnutrition Among Children In India

Donate to Help Fight Hunger

In India, post lockdown, as malnutrition in India increases, we are highlighting the cause, donate to help fight hunger among children. 

Earlier we wrote an article on malnutrition and how it spiked. We wrote, ‘Children are the future of a country. They are the ones who will take the country forward. However, it is not possible if they are not physically capable of doing so. Do you know that India is Home to one-third malnutritioned children in the world?’ Read full here.

As per recent census, the stats for hungry people and malnutrition children is even higher. As most of the kids from backward class use to eat at mid day meals at school, and since the lockdown closed entirely the schools, the concern for hungry people is all time high. 

Donate to Help Fight Hunger and Malnutrition Among Children India:

SERUDS as an NGO based in Kurnool, actively organize causes supporting the hunger needs of the people. Here’s the following:

Sponsor Annual Meals for Children:

Donors are free to contribute any amount as desired, which will be utilized for the running of the orphanage. You can celebrate your special day with the children, sponsor health care or sponsor annual expenses for a specific child.

Mid Day Meals For Elders:

Under this program, with our limited resources, we provide nutritious midday meals to 30 poor old people from slums in Budhavarapeta, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh every day. A donation of Rs 2500 will cover the cost of one meal daily for one elder for one month.

Donate Milk to Patients in India:

The poor patients come from the different districts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana to the Government General Hospital, Kurnool. They cannot even afford medicines, a nutritious diet. By seeing their critical juncture we have observed their pathetic situation in the hospital and decided to provide at least a nutritious diet like Milk Bread, Milk, and Seasonal Fruits.

Support SERUDS and donate to help fight hunger and malnutrition in India. Click to donate.

You can talk to us on our official Twitter account @SERUDS