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Donate Food to Daily Wage Earners & Homeless During India’s Lockdown

India Lockdown situation - Donate Food to Daily Wage Earners

Coronavirus Awareness: Donate food to daily wage earners as India’s lockdown situation is affecting below middle-class people’s livelihood.

When PM Modi announced nationwide shut down, not only India but the whole world was shocked. Just imagine containing the virus among the total 1.3 billion people. 

This decision was criticized by many people but this is the only way to fight the catastrophe.

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As collateral damage, the below middle-class people are being affected more than anything. 

Donate Food To Daily Wage Earners for Buying Essentials During LockDown:

People who are dependent upon their daily earnings can’t buy food as their income is totally stopped due to lockdown. 

Right from cab drivers to the local market workers, from small business owners to auto-rickshaw drivers, everyone is striving hard for it. 

Donate Food To Daily Wage Earners for Buying Essentials During LockDown

There are thousands of families stuck at railway stations and bus stations waiting to go to their homes.

Some least fortunate people live on the street and are asked to leave their very homes. This is indeed heartbreaking.

Believe us, this lockdown feels nothing less than a holiday to you, then you’re really lucky because the other half of the people are skipping their meals or barely getting anything to eat.

Thanks to those who are donating to the PM relief fund and other funds. Thanks for supporting humanity in this crucial time. 

SERUDS NGO has also started a fundraising campaign and would request you all to help the least fortunate people in the best possible way.

Click to donate food to daily wage earners and homeless people via GlobalGiving.

Since you are here:

SERUDS is an NGO that works for many underprivileged children and old age people. We request our readers to make a donation for the needy people.