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Donate Blankets In India To Orphanage, Old Age Homes & Homeless People

Donate Blankets In India To Orphanage, Old Age Homes & Homeless People

Winter is back, so is the charity campaign ‘Donate blankets in India’ by SERUDS. This is to spread awareness of donating old rugs and winter clothes to the needy.

Even last year we ran a similar campaign for collection of blankets and winter wear and thanks to generous people like you, who helped us serve as many as possible. 

This year the situation has worsened as the COVID 19 has made many daily wagers almost homeless. As per the website, there are almost 0.15 % of the total population has declared as homeless. The winter is like hell for them. 

Not to mention the floods in major cities like Mumbai and Hyderabad that destroyed many houses and they barely have a roof now. This year, the Donate Blankets in India campaign will focus on 3 categories of crowd/ people:

  1. Orphan Children.
  2. Old Age Persons.
  3. Homeless People.

Here’s How one Can Donate Blankets in India:

Like we mentioned in our previous blog, where one can send their old unused belongings via courier or drop it at the nearest NGO, interested people can help people protect from winter in the following ways. 

  • Help us with your Old Rugs or Blankets. Just get it delivered to our place or let us know the quantity and we’ll take care of its logistics.
  • Order Winter Wear or winter protective thermals for a number of individuals at our NGO. (Contact us to know the exact number of people)

This chilling winter, giveaway your old unused blankets to those who need it. #DonateBlankets

  • Visit your nearby slum or areas where homeless people stay, just hand your old clothes or worn off jackets. Remember, do not throw your clothes in the dustbin as your trash is someone’s treasure. 
  • Make a purchase of blanket donations to the poor by various charity sites. 
  • Contribute to the charity campaigns run by Milaap, Impact Guru, and GlobalGiving. 
  • Donate any amount (big or small) to the NGO that will in turn distribute the required charity material to the needy. 

“Nothing in this world is as big as helping the fellow human being” – Mallikarjuna Gorla

So, we request everyone to participate in the charity campaign for winter and help us donate blankets in India to underprivileged people in Kurnool, AP, and other places of India. 

Click here to make a donation

Also accepting UPI Donations.*

For queries, suggestions, and feedback, reach us on Twitter, @SERUDS, and leave us a comment. Even a shoutout for us is a contribution in its own way. <3