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Virat Kohli Is Very Sensitive Towards Society: Charity Work By Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli Is Very Sensitive Towards Society_ Read His Charity Work

We have seen Virat Kohli as an aggressive cricketer who is a superb batsman and a captain.

He is also trolled many times for his inappropriate language on the field. But there’s always different shades in everyone.

Many of us don’t believe but he has a soft and sensitive side in him. That is shown in his charity work.

In this Blog: We’ll discuss some of such Virat Kohli’s contribution towards society through his charities and donations.

Charity Work By Virat Kohli

    1. He officially joined Smile Foundation and had done immense charity with their collaboration.
    2. He started a charitable foundation ‘Virat Kohli Foundation: VKF’ and have donated crores of rupees for various causes.
    3.  VKF conducted a fundraising Football match along with Abhishek Bachan’s Charitable Trust and raised millions for needy people.
    4. He often spends his free time with orphanage and old age homes.Charity Work by Virat Kohli
    5. In Sept 2017, he pledged to help other sports, by donating 2 Crore Rupees and within a short period, the federation received cheque.
    6. According to Sportskeeda website, Virat kohli has reportedly allotted scholarship to 8-10 Indian athletes.
    7. As per sources he gives away a massive part of his earnings towards underprivileged kids and avoids media coverage.
    8. On his secret visit to Old age home, he got emotional and said, “It’s our responsibility to take care of elders, don’t send them to orphanage. Send them to me. I’ll take care of them”.

So, this was Charity work by Virat Kohli. He is immensely dedicated towards the welfare of the society. He is truly a man with a heart of gold and a true Patriot.

Let’s get inspired by him and start charity work at our own level.

Click here to make a donation to Seruds NGO (Orphanage, Old Age Homes).