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List of Charity Work By Apple Company is Quite Impressive

Charity Work By Apple - Read Full Blog

In this blog, we have listed down the list of charity work done by Apple Company which is as big as the firm itself. Detailed social work elaborated.

No one forgets the revolution that Apple company has brought to the tech industry. The goodwill of the company is so huge that people consider it as an icon of prestige. 

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Apple, being one of the world’s largest Tech company has crossed a whopping revenue of 260,000,000,000 U.S. dollars (260 billion) in 2019. Not just the revenue, the humanitarian works of the Apple company is very huge.

So, Lets Checkout The Charity Work By Apple Company:

  • Apple announced ‘Giving Programme’, in the year in which employees were paid to spend their time for charity. 
  • Reportedly, 2,50,000 hours of volunteering was spent for a charity whose salary worth is 
  • As per News 18, Apple company’s employees donated a total of 125 million dollars to charity. All of this money was paid by the salaries they earned for charity hours.

Apple Company Social And Charity Work

  • MacRumors mentioned in their report that more than 1 million dollars were donated by Apple to the families of martyrs of police and firefighters department.
  • Back in time, Tim Cook announced the matching charity program under which 10,000 $ per employee, which was a huge hit.
  • Recently, Tim Cook announced to donate shares worth 5 million USD for charity. (article by CNBC).

Well, the charity list of Apple Company is quite inspiring. It makes us realize that social work is responsible for all. Each one of us. 

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