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List of Best NGOs in India- Genuine List of Top Charitable Org

List of best ngos in India

Let’s take a transparent look at the list of best NGOs in India. A genuine non-tampered list to understand which Charitable foundation is actually topped the social work category.

First things first, we’ll be including our name ‘Seruds NGO India’ in the list based on the awards and recognition received. It’s not self-promoting, it’s purely based on proven facts in the public domain.

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Everyone claims to be the best NGO, that’s freedom of expression but how genuine is it? How actually they are making thousands of lives better or just an extension to the corporate office’s CSR activity?

Here’s A Genuine List Of Best NGOs In India

It’s not any kind of top 5 NGOs in India. There’s no ascending or descending order of listing

1. Smile Foundation:

Smile Foundation is apparently ranked as the best NGO considering its long-lasting spirit of working towards thousands of children. Statistically, Smile Foundation reached 400,000 orphans providing education, health, food and a better life.

2. Save The Children:

One of the oldest charitable organization, Save the Children is an international NGO which extended its roots in India and now works for the betterment of backward and orphan children. Headquarters in the UK, Save the Children is Indeed one among the best NGO.

Fact about NGO

3. Give India Foundation:

Unlike other Charitable organizations, Give India isn’t an NGO but its India’s largest donation platform. The website started with a unique idea of bringing together all the NGOs in India and increasing the exposure in the eyes of donors.

4. SERUDS NGO India:

With a 2 decade long history, Seruds NGO has proven itself as one of the best NGO’s of India. Founded by Mallikarjuna Gorla, our organization has consistently won awards for the best NGO by the government. view here

5. Goonj NGO:

Widest NGO spread over 23 states in India, the charitable organization works on the betterment of rural and suburban section to decrease the disparity. Established 2 decades ago, Goonj NGO contributes more to the clothing welfare of India.

6. Cherish Foundation:

Hyderabad’s one of the best NGOs managed to save its spot. Cherish Foundation is not just NGO, it’s a home where kids stay comfortably and call their warden, Daddy. The NGO serves many kids in Hyderabad for education, health, and career path.

These were our best picks. Feel free to share your feedback and mention us a few names and we’ll definitely add or credit them.