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List of Best NGOs in Bangalore, Karnataka To Donate

List of Best NGOs in Bangalore , Karnataka To Donate & Volunteer

In this article, we’ll provide an archive of the best NGOs in Bangalore. The list of charitable organizations is quite famous in the Karnataka region.

The world is fighting Coronavirus and here we are trying to make sure that the bridge between the hungry people and the food.


For those who are looking to donate to an NGO in Bangalore, this article is for them.

We’ve researched and jotted down the list of charities who do tremendous help to deprived sections of society.

Genuine List Of Best NGOs in Bangalore, Karnataka:

Access NGO:

Located in Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, ACCESS Ngo has been working for years now. Since they don’t have a website, we couldn’t get the actual source of info.

Alternative source, says that Access NGO works for the following purposes: Adolescent Girls Welfare, Advocacy On Social Issues, Child Labour, Child Rights, Child Welfare, etc.

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SERUDS India:-

We at SERUDS Charity, serve in the Karnataka region too. Our head office is in Kurnool but the activities are spread towards other states too. Apart from Bangalore, SERUDS also functions in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, etc.
Seruds India - Covid 19 Donation for India

Samarthanam Trust:

Regarded as one of the best ngo for disabled people in Bangalore, Samarthanam was established in 1997. They focus majorly on differently-abled people, and also support causes serving Education, Child care, Health, Environment, etc. (Source)

Narayan Seva Sansthan:

Narayan Seva Sansthan is based in Karnataka and genuinely serves thousands of needy people across the state (interstate too). Visited by Reliance Industry owner Mukesh Ambani, the charitable org is really one of the top-most ngo of India too.

Manav Charities:

Headquartered in Bangalore, Manav Charities work for multiple states in India mostly contributing to Healthcare. There are hospitals in the same name providing low-cost treatment to the people.

As per Manav Charities Official website, “MANAV CHARITIES is a registered NGO working in the field of socio-economic and educational development in order to uplift downtrodden people of Karnataka and another part of the country. With this headquarters in Bangalore for over 14 years”.

Apart from these NGOs, Makkala Jagriti, Youth for Seva, Adore India are also a few good NGOs in Bangalore. 

If you wish to volunteer, help or donate to any NGOs in Karnataka, these are the most preferred ones.

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