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Here’s Why You Shall Stop Throwing Your Old Clothes & Start Donating

Donate Old Clothes

In this blog: Let’s learn why one shall donate old clothes to poor people. If you are someone who throws away your old clothes, here’s something you shall read.

We all have our wardrobe filled with unnecessary clothes. Most of them don’t even fit. After a while, we’ll end up throwing it. 

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To get an approx volume of thrown away clothes, we contacted municipality offices from popular cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru & Vijayawada.

They admitted a few facts about thrown away clothes (which could have been donated):

  • Clothes that can easily be distributed to 8 to 10 people are found in a pathetic condition at almost every garbage bin in the city.
  • Considering the number of bins we have in every city, there are thousands of clothes found every day. 
  • MCH professionals who collect garbage admitted to the sources that sometimes if they found clothes in slightly better conditions, they give it to the homeless. 
  • A few honest people even confessed they take to pick the old clothes in good condition for personal usage.

We have a question for you… How many times you have donated your old clothes? It is either in the wardrobe left unused or just thrown away. 


Here’s Why You Shall Start Donating your Old Clothes to Poor People:

1. Because Others Don’t Do it:

Seruds NGO is an organization with more than a decade long history. Over the period we have observed that the least donations made to us were clothes. Since others don’t do it, why not you can be the change? 

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the Change You Wish To See In The World”.

2. Kids Grow, Clothes Doesn’t:

Plenty of clothes are purchased or gifted to every toddler at a young age. Since growth is mostly in that stage there are a lot of clothes that are unused (kept for years so that their younger siblings can use… seriously?) 

In Fact, the kids themselves can be taught to donate their old clothes to other kids. It can also spark the values that they must learn.

3. Others Need Your Clothes Badly:

Especially during the winter season, many homeless people need clothes to cover themselves rather than money. They can’t pick it from the garbage. Thus we need to donate old clothes to the people. We even mentioned donating Raincoats to poor children in one of our posts because they need it badly.

4. Because You Never Gonna Use it:

When you open your wardrobe, admit it that there are clothes you probably never wore in years but still it’s there inside the closet. Why not just give it to the people who may use it in a way that you never gonna… 

When this time of the year comes we wholeheartedly need everyone to make a donation of clothes because the cold is unbearable. You can also make an online donation. Click here