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How To Sponsor A Child In India For Education & Food – 2021

How To Sponsor A Orphan Child In India For Education & Food - 2021

If you’re looking for an answer to how to sponsor a child in India, you’ll find everything that will help you donate in a rightful manner. 

Every year there are many generous people across the world who wanna help needy children with everything they need. The statistics say that donations worth education and food for more than 500 million children get every year.

Amazing right? But all these donations reach the needy? We can’t say confidently NO. 

The most number of scams happen in the charity process. Sad but true. The recent most example is the usage of UPI address and QR code that looks like an NGO but actually, the donations go to some individual. 

So This Article Is All About To Secure The Entire Process Of How To Sponsor A Child In India:

Become A Foster Parent:

‘Foster parent’ is a concept very popular in foreign countries but in India, becoming a foster parent is something that many people frown upon. Even IndiaTimes mentioned in their article, Every kid needs a home. India needs to encourage foster families. 

Reach Legal and Verified NGOs:

Before sponsoring a child, knowing the legal status of the NGOs is important. Every NGO will have a respectable legal status, instead of donating to an NGO that doesn’t have any legal status leads to a possible scam.

Consult NGOs Personally:

Even though the NGO is a registered one, we request everyone who wants to sponsor a child in India to reach out to the NGO personally and check the kid’s necessity. This might help you experience the unique talents of underprivileged kids. 

Since there are millions of children who need your help, we request everyone to sponsor a child in India for education, food, medicine, and other causes. 

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