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The Secret Of Happiness is Not Being Rich, Its Charity – Scientifically Proven

In this blog: Let’s unveil the true fact of how one can stay happier by giving charity. We’ve jotted down where the secret of happiness lies.

Who doesn’t want to lead a happy life? Everyone. We strive our level best to accomplish this very own self mission. 

But there’s a misconception among people. Many people think that with luxury facilities, comes lots of happiness. 

This isn’t our conclusion, we conducted a small survey and the results are as follows:

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A survey conducted on what is Happiness?

The question was asked to common people:

“What is mean by Happiness to you?”

Among all the answers, here’s are the most common answers:

  • Happiness means eating in a 5-star hotel.
  • When I get my vehicle full tanked petrol, I am happy.
  • I am truly happy when I get to meet my parents who stay in another city.
  • What makes me happy is shopping.
  • My children make me happy.
  • When I go to Tirupati and come back with a shaved head, I feel very happy.

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Well, there were very interesting answers from most of the people which was hilarious to listen to. Answers like:

  • A plate full of Biryani makes me Happy.
  • When Balayya’s film is released, it makes us all happy.
  • For me, Happiness is seeing my salary credited.

Interesting right? But when the other question was asked to the same common people, 

“Who do you think are very happy?”

Giving Charity Can Help You Stay Happier

The answer what we received was with a majority of 95%, and the answer is:


With everything at ease, we all think that the secret of happiness lies somewhere in the pile of luxury. This isn’t fully correct.

Money and luxury do make a lot of things in life easy but there are several things that money can’t buy & happiness is one among them.

The true secret of happiness lies in the art of giving others and making them happy. So help others and stay in a true state of happiness.

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