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Discover MS Dhoni's Charity Work and You'll Admire Him Even More

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Read MS Dhoni Charity Work And You'll Love Him Even More

MS Dhoni's COVID-19 Donation of ₹1 Lakh: More Than Meets the Eye

MS Dhoni recently faced criticism for his ₹1 lakh donation towards COVID-19 relief in India. Many misunderstood the gesture, assuming it was for the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. In reality, Dhoni donated the amount to Mukul Madhav, a Pune-based NGO aiming to raise ₹12.5 lakh for healthcare, social welfare, and education initiatives.

This highlights Dhoni’s commitment to targeted and impactful charity work.

A Legacy of Giving: The MS Dhoni Charitable Foundation

Founded in 2010, the MS Dhoni Charitable Foundation focuses on promoting sports and education for underprivileged children. The foundation supports various initiatives, including scholarships, school supplies, and sports clinics. One of its major projects is partnering with schools across India to improve educational infrastructure by constructing classrooms, providing learning materials, and establishing computer labs. These efforts ensure modern education access for thousands of students.

Supporting the Indian Army

In 2015, the MS Dhoni Charitable Foundation contributed £20,000 (₹18.62 lakh) from the £300,000 (₹2.8 crore) raised during the ‘Cricket for Heroes’ T20 fundraiser at The KIA Oval. This amount supported wounded and severely injured soldiers of the Indian Army. The foundation continued to collaborate with The Help for Heroes Foundation, organizing similar charity matches in India to raise more funds for the army.

MS Dhoni is the rare celebrity who doesn't talks about his charities & donations.

Promoting Young Athletes

Through his involvement with Rhiti Sports Management Private Ltd (RSMPL) and the Rhiti Charitable Foundation, Dhoni has been instrumental in providing opportunities for young athletes from areas with limited sports facilities. Founded in 2010, the Rhiti Charitable Foundation focuses on helping young athletes showcase their talent and access top-notch training facilities.

Collaborating with the Virat Kohli Foundation

Dhoni also works closely with the Virat Kohli Foundation (VKF) to support those in need. Together, they coordinate efforts to serve disadvantaged communities, amplifying their impact.

MS Dhoni’s extensive charity work demonstrates his dedication to making a positive impact on society, proving he’s a hero both on and off the field.

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