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He Left School So That His Brother Can Study in English Medium School: Donation For Education

He Left School So That His Brother Can Study in English Medium School

In this Blog: we’ll share an incident defining why donation for education is important.

In countries like India, where more than 50% of the people are either middle class and lower middle class, educating a child is not a small issue. Where many of the families are undergoing loans, and financial pressure to educate their child. It is said that the lower middle class families with 2 or 3 children can educate only 1.

Though the literacy rate has been showing upward trend such disparity in education and social class of the families are never talked about.

Donation for Education is very important

Now this incident is about a 13 year old boy, who work as a mechanic in repair shop. We visited the repair shop to get our car serviced and this is where we found him.

Highly energetic, working dedicatedly like a grown up. We asked him, don’t you go to School? This is your age to study, not work. For which he replied, “yes, I study in govt school, I am in 9th class, Studies don’t usually goes properly there, you know it’s neglected as it is govt, I work here in the meantime so that i can earn something for my family”.

We asked the fellow mechanic when the boy wasn’t around. Then we came to know that He was one of popular school near by and recently dropped off the school because his family couldn’t afford fees for both the children. Being elder child, he dropped off school and enrolled into govt school and works in the mechanic to fund his younger brother’s education.

We were deeply inspired by the little boy whose heart is bigger than his age. We took his contact details and assured him to help for his education whenever required.

There are lakhs of children who cannot go to school because they cannot afford it.

Let’s make donation for education so that no child has to suffer. Let’s build nation together. Donate now.