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List of Top Ashrams & NGOs in AP State Serving Children & Elderly

List of Top NGOs in Andhra Pradesh serving Children & Elderly

In this article, we’ll list down the top Ashrams and NGOs in Andhra Pradesh region. Though the list might have only a few names, these NGOs are best.

The desire to help needy people is among the lakhs of generous people but finding the right NGO is like finding a ring in the swimming pool. We’ve made an article on how donation has to be properly processed, check it here.

In Andhra Pradesh there are more than 3900 Ashrams in Andhra Pradesh but plenty of them aren’t registered. So we’ve made a curated list of only top NGOs which are best for elders and children.

List Of NGO – Ashrams In Andhra Pradesh For Orphans And Elderly 

Akshara Education and Welfare Society:

This NGO is located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh region. They cover 3 major causes to help orphan kids. Education, health and shelter home (ashram for kids). Founded by Sri Viswaasai Guruji, this is one of the most prominent NGO in Andhra Pradesh.


We are from the Kurnool region of Andhra Pradesh. Our founder’s name is Mallikarjuna Golra. He started SERUDS almost 2 decades ago and ever since, we’ve served thousands of elderly people and orphans. We have 2 ashrams named as Joy Orphanage and Happy Old Age’ Home’. 

Help Age India:

Regarded as one of the best NGOs for elders in India, it is one of the best in Andhra Pradesh obviously. They have one of the largest ashrams to accommodate many abandoned elders. They provide food, shelter, medical assistance, skills development programs etc.

Child Aid Foundation:

This is a children centric NGO in Andhra Pradesh that serves for young boys and kids for various projects. Chatravas Hostel, Balika Girls and Vidya Education are names of their active projects. Their motto is to help innocent homeless children who are forced into child labor or other insensitivities. 

Nestham NGO:

Nestham NGO is an organization that provides relief to many sectors of people in Andhra Pradesh in many manners. They provide ashram home for elders, they provide help to farmers and also conduct several awareness programs in and around Andhra Pradesh state. 

Got an NGO name to suggest? We’ll definitely add it. Tweet us @seruds or comment below. 

We’re constantly working to help abandoned elders and homeless children and we are solely dependent on donations. 

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