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Elder Neglect – What You Should Know & How You Can Help

Everything you shall know about elder neglect

Let’s discuss a sensitive topic of ‘Neglecting elders’ in this blog, its causes, consequences and more. Read till the end.

Elder abuse and neglect have been a growing concern across different parts of the country. Just in case you didn’t know, the term ‘Neglect’ describes an elderly person who isn’t capable of taking care of themselves or is abandoned by their family. An estimated 33 percent of the elderly live alone or with spouse only. With the help an orphanage donation from people like you, old age homes are committed to enriching the lives of the elderly, all day every day.

Elder Neglect – An Overview:

Neglected destitute elderly are those who don’t receive optimal care from a family member or an appointed carer. The carer might not feed them or bathe them as required, or even worse, they might be abandoned for good. Elder neglect can happen at homes, a senior care facility, and other places. Fortunately, reputable NGOs provide them food, shelter, and medical care with the orphanage donation they receive from generous individuals.

Possible Causes:

There isn’t an exact reason for elder neglect, but the following are some of the factors that result in the same:

  • Someone with a medical condition such as diabetes, dementia, or stroke.
  • Lack of support from relatives.
  • The elderly has a hard time getting along with others.
  • A carer who is stressed, lazy, or worried too much about their personal affairs.

Consequences of Elder Neglect:

When proper care and attention isn’t given to a person, it could lead to severe physical and mental problems. Without sufficient nutrition or calory intake, destitute elders suffer from dehydration and malnutrition. They’d also experience depression, anxiety and other issues that take a toll on their health.

What Can You Do About it?

If you find an elderly in need of help, be sure to report the same immediately. Take them to a healthcare provider if you notice signs of dehydration, body weakness, poor clothing, or depression.

Good care will be offered to the elderly at old age homes and orphanages. It will help them immensely when you donate for old age home. Your contributions will get them the much-needed medical care, food, and clothing for a quality life.

How Old Age Homes Enrich the Life of an Elderly:

  • Professional caregivers will create an environment that deliver a healthy and productive life for their elderly residents.
  • Destitute elders are highly likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and other health problems. Appropriate medical care will be provided with the help of a certified health professional.
  • All special occasions will be celebrated and the caregivers will motivate the residents to involve in recreational activities.

Orphanages and old age homes instigate a sense of belonging. To be in a community where good relations are nurtured and basic requirements are fulfilled does make a significant difference in an elderly’s life. So, donate to an NGO that has the best interests of the elderly at heart.

Resource Box: The author is working in a renowned NGO for more than 4 years. She has been actively assisting the disadvantaged sections of the society by providing food, education, orphanage donation, and more.