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M G Bhargav

₹1,700 of ₹20,400 raised

Category:Sponsor Education
Date of Birth & Age:13-11-2007, 13 years
Studying Class:8th class
Marks (Percentage):54%
Father:M G. Lakshmayya, Carpenter
Mother:M G. Lakshmi, None
Sister :2 sisters; One is in degree 1st year, and another is in PUC 2nd year
Address:Sriramnagar, Kurnool
Sponsor School & Tuition Fee:Rs. 1700 p.m. ; Rs. 20,400 p.a.


M. G. Bhargav is studying in 9th class, in Good Shepherd School, Kurnool . His father is a carpenter. Bhargav’s mother is visually impaired, so, they have to manage with only father’s income. They live in a small hut. The father is an alcoholic and regularly beats his wife and children. So, the family is in great difficulty and there is no money for school fees.

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Donation Total: ₹1,700