P. Somiya

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P. Somiya

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Category:Education Material Kit
Date of Birth & Age:11/9/2003, 12 years
Studying Class:7th class, A section
Father:Suban. P, jute Bag patchwork
Mother:Zameela, Housewife
Brother/ Doing:2 Brothers, 7th class and 3rd class
Sister / Doing:NILL
Address:46/785/99, Swamy Reddy Nagar, Kurnool
Landmark:Bcamp post


Bag patchwork job is a tough job to lead life. As neither of the parents is educated not able to go to any other jobs as well. Whatever they earn are not even enough for paying interest to the debts they made. Tough choice and having 3 kids at home it is getting really tough for them to live and survive.


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