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How To Donate Without Money in India to Orphanage & Old Age Homes

How To Donate Without Money in India to Orphanage & Old Age Homes

In this article, we’ll give some suggestions regarding how we can donate without money in India to orphanages and old age homes.

Many people think, to donate to a charity, all it requires is money but you are welcome to donate without money too. Money is not a single thing instead, there are many things to donate which we’ll explore in the next segment. 

Before which lets take a look at some interesting facts. Foreign countries like the UK, USA have more recycle value for used articles… but most of them tend to give it away but when it comes to India, people tend to sell it to the ‘recycle store’ rather than donating. 

Furthermore, India is the country that raises one of the largest monetary donations every year. This clearly establishes that people in India are generous but they tend to donate only money or monetary aspects. Let’s change this perception.

Here are some ideas to donate without money in India to the poor and helpless people:

India is a developing country now but still, India suffers from poverty. It’s our responsibility to help those poor people of our nation. 

Donate Old Clothes or Blankets:

We can donate our old clothes, bed, fans, blankets, sweaters, shawls, napkins, home vessels and many more things. This winter is really harsh for people who barely have clothes to keep them warm. Your old trash can be their treasure.

Sponsor School Fees and Education Material: 

Education is an investment, which will pay the interest of knowledge until the end. India is getting educated, but there are many uneducated children here. We can donate some Notebooks, pens, pencils, school bags, water bottles, tiffin boxes, interesting novels to read and also we can donate many more things to our poor brothers and sisters. So let’s donate some items for educational purposes. 

Donate Seeds/ Plants:

Donating happiness is the most powerful one. As the old age people undergo great difficulties in love, affection and care it always leads them to mental stress. So we can donate saplings, seeds and plants to the garden of old age homes. It creates a peaceful environment for them and they’ll be happy. 

Donate Old Furniture:

We usually lack chairs and beds but in our old age home, many people are advised to sleep on the bed, so we can happily accept any piece of such old furniture as it might help our elderly people so much. 

So, we can clearly say that donations can be easily made by giving away our old articles or belongings. You know there’s the easiest way of donating without even giving anything. Just give a shoutout about us on your social media. Even that’s a kind of contribution one can give. 

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