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Donate and Help People Affected With COVID-19 Via GivenGain

Donate and Help People Affected With COVID-19 Via GivenGain

Today, in our article let us discuss the people who are the most affected ones in the Covid-19 scenario. Also, explore a new way to donate via Givengain Platform.

We had a roof on our head and three meals on our table during the lockdown Isn’t It? Well, we are pretty lucky enough. But there are many people who didn’t have meals to fill their stomachs. The most affected ones are the daily wage earners. These are the people who are paid on a day to day basis. 

Even now, post-Lockdown the situation is like most of the people lost their job due to companies downsizing the employees. We came across a lot of migrant workers who use to work on a daily basis. 

Due to lockdown they somehow managed to return back to their hometowns as they could not bear the cost of living in cities without earning. And now when they returned they are facing difficulty to find jobs.

SERUDS Helping Daily Wagers & Migrant Workers:

We have been providing cooked meals as well as grocery kits to the daily wage workers and migrant laborers ever since the Lockdown began in March. Grocery kits containing Rice, Dal, Oil, Soaps, Handwash, Tamarind, Onion, Masks, Sanitizers. The worth of each Kit is Rs.2450. These kits are being distributed to the needy people (i.e; the migrant labourers and the daily wage workers) who suffered a lot due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Their condition is so bad that when we distributed Grocery kits a boy returned it to us saying “my mom asked me to returned this, as we do not have Kerosene to cook, it might help others”. Such a horrible situation is what they are going through.

There are many people who need our help. Still, there are families who are running short of essential commodities required for their survival. More than the fear of dying from Covid-19 they are scared of hunger. Let us help these people in every possible way we can. Even your small donations could have a major impact on their lives. Let’s save them from starving with hunger. 

Donate Via Givengain – A crowdfunding platform

“Givengain” is an Online platform that helps Non-Profit Organisation to boost up their funds. It’s headquarter is located in Switzerland. It has emerged as a new crowdfunding platform as it is recognized globally. It is trusted by a large number of corporate organizations and charities worldwide. This platform works as a connecting bridge between the donors and the needy people. 

It helps the fundraisers to raise funds from all over the world and attract donations globally. With the help of these donations, the need of the poor people could be fulfilled. 

SERUDS on Givengain - Fundraising Campaign

Snapshot from

We at SERUDS have started fundraising on the Givengain platform to help the poor and needy people. With your Donation we aim at providing cooked meals and Grocery kits to 500 families. It will be distributed among the People whose daily basis income has been affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Lockdown. 

This could help them survive the critical situation and prevent them from starving. Your donation could help a lot of families from starving for food. It could help them sustain their life with the required essential commodities.

(Direct link to donate)