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Christmas Donation Ideas for 2022 | Gifts for Giving Season

Charity ideas for Christmas 2020 for Gifts Donations

In this article, we’ll mention the charity ideas of Christmas and how it can be used for donations. Being a Santa for orphans can be the noblest deed.

What does Christmas mean to you? For us it may be holidays or ‘red caps’ but for the children, it’s all about the gifts. Every year children across the world close their eyes and hold their hands together and wait for a present. 

Do you know how big the Christmas gifts market is? A whopping trillion-dollar market, yet there are millions of children who have no hopes for receiving gifts, are homeless and to to bed hungry.

Charity Ideas For Christmas for Gift Donations:

The following ideas are best for Christmas gifts for the poor:

  • Gift Education to Underprivileged Children for a better future
  • Get an Amazon gift card for placing online orders as a Christmas gift.
  • Save a Life : Donate Blood to a Patient
  • Donate your old clothes, toys or books to an Orphanage.
  • Help a needy family or homeless elders by donating blankets and warm clothes
  • Gift Toys, used smart phones and computers for online learning
  • Matching Donations : Corporations often have matching programs set up. Under such a program they will donate the same amount of money that employees donate to designated charities. Find out from your employer if they have Matching Donations program.

Donate to SERUDS Charity Causes

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Charity ideas for Christmas 2020 for Gifts Donations SERUDS NGO

Causes That You Can Support as Christmas Charity :

Among the list of SERUDS Causes, here are a few for donating during Christmas: 

SERUDS Special Needs Cause: View here.

SERUDS Scholarship Programs: View here.

SERUDS Education Material Program: View Here.

“We request everyone to donate as less as 1% of their total Christmas expenses to the poor and see how many smiles it will spread” – Mallikarjuna Golra (SERUDS President).


Donate to Charity During Giving Season