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Setting New Benchmarks of Helping People | Top Ngo In Kurnool, AP

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In this news article, we’ll talk about the achievements that we managed to reach last year, which deliberately makes us the top NGO in Kurnool.

In the past few months, we have managed to help more than 10 lakh people with cooked meals and other donation material. 

Lockdown in India has not been kind for all but there are NGOs like SERUDS who’re working day and night for poor people.

Despite celebrities who’re donating millions for Coronavirus Relief, the actual need of feeding people is still not done. Here’s where Charity Organisations comes into the picture.

Thousands of NGOs in India, lakhs of volunteers trying to feed crores of helpless daily wagers. The platforms like Milaap, Ketto are raising funds hugely to help these people.

Setting new benchmarks in Charity - TOP NGO IN KURNOOL

Even after a year after the pandemic, the 2nd wave of COVID is making everyone nostalgic of what happened a year ago. 

We are Prepared:

At SERUDS, we have coordinated with more than 1500 volunteers who helped us in all these activities:

  • Distributing the food packets. 
  • Fundraising events. 
  • Making homemade cloth masks.
  • A sampling of sanitizers and other essentials. 
  • Grocery distribution among slums. 

“COVID Relief Charity Isn’t Ended” mentioned SERUDS chairperson and president in his recent discussion. 

Learn More About our COVID Relief:

We directly donate food, needy essentials to homeless people, and poor families impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Daily wage workers, migrant workers rendered jobless by the current COVID-19 pandemic and they need our timely support to prevent hunger.

Click to know more about the relief donations.