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World Religion Day: ‘Humanity Is Our Religion, Charity is Our Prayer’

World Religion Day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of January every year (20th of Jan this year). It is largely observed in the US where massive concerts, programs, and gathering is done. If we go back in time, during 1950 it was announced and massively encouraged by Baha’i faith to restore peace and harmony.

It was mainly intended to increase understanding of the different faiths and perspectives of God and prayers. We also want to share something on this occasion of World Religion Day.

World Religion Day: Humanity is Our Religion

The religion we follow is called as humanity and we are privileged to gather all the people of different religions, color, tribe, etc in one category. We all at the individual level may belong to different religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, etc but when it comes to making friends, greeting (strangers), helping needy, all we think about is humanity. Basically, every human being follows the religion of humanity from the heart, say it as a soldier at war whose heart is filled with patriotism or running an NGO whose doors are always open for needy people.

Soldier with kid- humanity

World Religion Day: Charity Is Our Prayer

People tend to offer prayers and recite verses of Bible, Quran etc on the occasion of World Religion Day. We offer prayers by making charities and donations which will be helpful to the destitute people. Not only us, there are many people who make charity and becomes purer than others. All thanks to such people we are able to run orphanages, old age homes, day care centers, etc. As Mother Teresa said, “Helping hands are better than praying lips”.

We all agree that we are very busy and helping others can become very challenging for us. Don’t worry, a simple online donation takes just a few minutes. So, take your phone or open your computer, visit, select the category of donations you want to proceed with and make this world a better place for all (regardless of religion).


Stay safe, be happy and keep donating. Happy World Religion Day.