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Cost of 1 Cigarette Can Buy Someone a Meal- World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day

Yes, you can provide one-time meal to the poor kids. Quit the habit of smoking and turn it for a good cause.  Consuming tobaccos is just used to be a passion, whereas in current scenario, gradually people got habituated with it.  In this post, we explore about the fight against tobacco. And we ask whether the world is still follow or not in a significant progress in tobacco control.

Most of the people got addicted with smoking and we all know is not just a habit it’s an expensive bad habit. There are people who can’t stay without smoking. Tackling these serious addictions is very crucial. Many people don’t know where they get the next meal from! The average cost spent by an individual for smoking in a day can fill at least the tummy of two kids.

There are many people who spend their lavish life. On the other side there are people who can’t even afford the basic requirements of living. Apparently we don’t know the value of the things if we have more than required. According to the recent statistics for every 5 seconds a child dies of hunger

Helping the needy people is a good deed. Let’s try to make some change in the system. Donate to poor and needy people and help in raising them. Click to donate. One small change by every person in their daily lives could make a big difference in some others life. Make a difference and support people who are in need, the better off the world will be!

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Let us change the perspective. Instead of thinking as we are sacrificing for some others help let’s take it in a positive sense as a love towards people and responsibility.

World No Tobacco Day!

Finally, every year the WHO recognizes individuals or organizations in each of its six global regions for their accomplishments in the area of tobacco control. It is a global campaign organized by the World Health Organization, where people all around the world are encouraged to abstain from smoking for a 24-hour period to help raise awareness of the negative effects of tobacco

“Be smart. Quit smoking today”

World No Tobacco Day takes place every year on May 31st and is a day designed to draw attention to the health problems associated with tobacco use. Take pledge our efforts will not remain for a day.