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Worst Of Climate Changes Will Be Felt By The Poor – World Environment Day

world environment day

Perhaps we all are exhausted by the dull talk of go clean and green, pollution-free statements on every world environment day. But did you know that the intention of world environment day is not just about going green and pollution free? Yes, there’s a bigger scope for world environment day than these mere clean and green missions. Before anything lets all first know the significance of world environment day, let’s get the definition right.

World Environment Day has been laid for raising awareness and taking action on issues like,

  1. Poverty and human rights
  2. Ecosystems and habitats
  3. Sustainable development and population growth
  4. Pollution prevention and climate change
  5. Resource scarcity and sustainable consumption

Its time again, the world environment day, but before making yourself a one-day environmental lover, perhaps you should look into the deeper problems of the climate.

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Oh! Are these problems like sun, rain, ozone, planet getting hot?  Absolutely Not! These are the setbacks that the poor and deprived face.

Not the rich, not we, ‘the poor are carrying the cost of climate changes
Climate change threatens to make more people poor. There are several funds raised whenever such crisis arises. But why to wait for that crises when we can prevent it from occurring by our help. Click to Contribute

In a country like India, where every year 10 million people die out of hunger, where a daily labor suffers round the year with heat waves and no shelter, Where a poor farmer dies because his crop dies either because of deadly heat or heavy rains.

And there are people who wait for rain every year, so that we can have food
And talking about mere pollution and slogans will not help them, In the process of rescuing the planet, poor a left behind in the journey.

With this World environment day let’s get a change, ‘let us plant trees care for the environment and help the poor’.

There is no climate justice if the poor are left behind.

Let us join hands together to help people with charities and Contributions so that the world can be a better place.

“Go green with empathy on this World Environment Day”