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Wedding Charity Registry on Seruds

Charitable Wedding Registries Are A Way To Let Your Guests Give Back To Society

The Big-Fat Indian Wedding, or for that matter, any Indian celebration be it a naming ceremony for a child, wedding anniversary, first birthday of child, or house warming ceremony, is a big affair, involving an extended circle of relatives and friends, and colleagues, and anyone else who might get offended at being left out. The hosts are often left with a pile of mostly useless gifts, dresses that they will never wear, gadgets that they already have, showpieces that they don’t want to display.

Guests rack their brains to think of a suitable gift to give, older relatives ask the couple what they would like for their wedding. Guests coming from out of town have to lug bulky gifts all the way. A neat solution has been around for decades in the West, and is now catching on in India – the wedding gift registry.

What is a wedding gift registry? How about Charity Registry?

A wedding registry is a service provided by a website or online retail store that allows engaged couples to communicate their gift preferences to wedding guests. Registering for things like dishes and household items used to be a way for a married couple to furnish their new home, but with many couples who already have a fully furnished home, these days registries include a wide variety of items, with some even requesting donations to help pay for the couple’s honeymoon trip.

The concept of letting guests know what the couple want may seem rude, but in fact it is a courtesy that avoids wasted gifts. For the big-ticket items, guest may choose to pay partially for the item. “Wedding Wishlist’ is a website trying to make wedding gift registries popular in the Indian wedding market. Couples can opt to ask guests to donate to a charity or a cause that the couple is passionate about.

In contrast to a wedding gift registry, a wedding charity registry is an online registry where couples ask their loved ones to donate to a cause or charitable organization, rather than pay for physical gifts or a honeymoon trip. This way their wedding day is made more special by raising funds for a cause dear to them. Already a few wedding registries which include charitable giving have been launched in India such as, and These portals allow couple to add tangible gifts as well as select charity causes to which guests can donate.

If you want to follow the example of other generous people, you too can set up a registry on Seruds website now! Just email us at and send us details like :

• The occasion, wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc.
• Date
• Names and pictures of the couple or hosts
• Your message to people
• You can choose a specific cause of Seruds
• save-the-date video invite

We will set up a registry or the personalized page for you, featuring pictures, a video, and wedding invitation. We will send you a link to share with the guests, where they can donate online. As a bonus, they get 80G income tax exemption too. After the event, you can post some pictures of the event and a thank you message or video on your personalized page, and if you wish, the list of donors. Isn’t that a cool link to share with all the guests?