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How Ngo Donations In India Are Used? Check The Transparency Here

How Ngo Donations In India Are Used_ Check The Transparency Here

In this blog, let’s understand the Ngo Donations in India are genuinely forwarded or what sort of transparency can be expected when someone makes a charity.

We all have seen hundreds of crowdfunding sites and thousands (or I must say lakhs) of NGOs in India. Out of which it was proven by sources that most of them are a fraud.

Only a couple of NGOs like Goonj, Seruds and other good social charitable organizations are trustworthy to donate.

The question arises is, there are plenty of genuine NGOs as well that works for the betterment of the society but which among them actually uses our NGO donations transparently?

Let’s understand the whole donation and post-donation process that is usually followed by NGOs who are genuine.

Check The Whole Transparent Process of NGO Donations in India:

Verify the Account Details:

Never transfer any online donations to the personal account via popular payment apps like Paytm or Google Pay. This is because an actual NGO never accepts donations in a personal account. There are many people who claim to be volunteers and eat away the entire amount. So, please cross verify the account details

Check the Invoice Number/ Donation Slip Number:

Every NGO no matter big or small provides you a slip (or e-invoice) whenever a donation is made. But only genuine NGOs provide appropriate serial numbers on the Invoice or receipt of the donation. That’s when you can judge the transparency of donation.

Word of Mouth Matters:

Cross-check with the schools where the NGO sponsored their school uniforms as they claimed on their website. Once such additional confirmation is done the word of mouth plays a major role in knowing the transparency of the donations.

A little google search also helps, like this:

Seruds - Genuine NGO donations in India

Post Donation Transparency:

Once the donation is made NGOs in most of the cases provide a follow-up process of how the donations were used. But it’s our duty to make sure we receive the receipts of the donations being spent for the specific cause we donated.

Top NGOs use technologies like Neon CRM which are made for automating the entire donation process.

Reach Personally to NGO (Unplanned):

There are times when you want to really view the NGO donations in India are being used properly by visiting in person and this actually reveals a lot about donations transparency. If the NGO people are denying you to meet anyone if you make an unplanned visit, there’s something wrong.

Each penny is a hard-earned income for all. We salute all our donors who selflessly make a donation to NGOs and help the least fortunate people. Hope this article helps you all to understand the transparency of NGO donations in India. 

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