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Sweetest Moment With A 6 Year Old Donor – #Inspiringstory

In this blog: Let’s discuss the sweetest moment we came across as we met a 6-year-old donor, who came to make a charity at SERUDS. 

Kids are pure at heart and no one can deny that sometimes kids are the best in terms of giving life lessons.

It was just another day at SERUDS NGO when the whole team was busy with their respective work. Just then we heard someone knocking at the gate.

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It was a small boy who was carrying a huge bag (wondering how he brought all by himself).

We started asking him, “Hey Kid, What’s up, what are you doing here?”

He couldn’t reply as he was breathing heavily, due to exhaustion. We invited him inside and offered him water. 

He was normal in a few minutes. He then said, “I heard there are lots of kids who live here” (he was mentioning Joy Home Orphanage). 

We replied, “Yes, but why did you come all by yourself, where’s your mom-dad?”

He said, “They are at work, I have all my toys to give it those children. I heard they don’t have it.”

It was the sweetest yet so inspiring moment for us. We always try to teach the art of giving to kids and this is what it happens if it is done properly.

He then offered us a bag filled with his toys. He said I don’t need them.

We asked him what if he needs them?

He sweetly replied I’ll come here to play. Bye Bye… saying this he left. 

We were astonished because a truly selfless deed is very hard to find & yes one of life’s biggest lessons is always taught by children. 

Thank you all for helping and supporting us. 

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