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Staying Home is the Best Treatment for Coronavirus Globally

Staying Home is the Best Treatment for Coronavirus Globally

In this article, let’s discuss the world’s pandemic, and the best treatment for Coronavirus globally that can be the only way to eradicate it.

With WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom’s recent comment about, how long the pandemic would last is quite unsettling. We all are fighting against Covid 19 for 4 months and we have a long way to go. Read his comments here.

Listen to the story here:

The worldwide cases of Covid 19 has crossed 2,697,571 as of now*. The novel Coronavirus has been affecting people and the economy in the worst possible way.

Whilst doctors, army, police and cleaners are trying their best to control the spread of the virus and the measures are quite viable.

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Even the world’s biggest researchers are busy in searching for vaccines and the vaccine tests on humans has just begun.

What is The Best Treatment For Coronavirus as of Now?

As of now, the only treatment for coronavirus as advised by WHO so far is this:

The statistics as per the Worldometers are as follows:

Coronavirus Cases - WorldoMeters Snapshot as on 23rd Apr

The biggest hurdle for containing the coronavirus pandemic are the people who’re not staying home. There are reportedly lakhs of people seen on roads roaming as if they have nothing to do with the current scenario.

This is just a public service message to all as the coronavirus cases are at its spike.

We just want to convey that the best treatment for coronavirus is just to stay home and avoid getting in touch with anyone.

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