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Stay in Quarantine, Donate Online – Safe Charity During Covid 19

Stay Quarantine Donate Online India

In this article, understand how important it is to stay in quarantine and also how you can donate online and help the poor with your safe donations.

India locked down for 21 days more (until April 14th). 

This was announced by the honorable PM a couple of hours ago. During this lockdown, the people are requested to stay at home and leave only if there’s an emergency.

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Still there are many people who’re celebrating the Corona Lockdown as summer vacation. We sincerely request everyone to be responsible and spread awareness. 

Stay Safe At Home Yet Help the Needy – Donate Online

First of all, we wholeheartedly thank each and everyone who’s still out there working for us. Not only doctors and nurses but even the cleaning staff who’s supporting their best. 

Stay Quarantine Donate Online India

Even the municipality staff who’re out there collecting garbage and cleaning roads, knowing that they’re equally prone to the deadly virus. 

The most affected people in this situation are the daily wage earners and small business owners. Working-class people can get the ‘Work from Home’ option and can still survive but the rest of all are still in a helpless situation.

Kudos to the people who’re trying to help the homeless people and daily wage earners as much as possible but the efforts are clearly outnumbered by the necessity of the quantity.

Telugu actor Nitin has reportedly donated a huge amount for the same. There are people who’re helping their best during this global crisis. 

Each and every reader can contribute to the greater good by helping the deprived section of society. 

Click to make a donation.

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