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Stats About Literacy in India: National Education Day 2018

Stats About Literacy in India

In this Blog: On the occasion of National Education Day, let’s dive our heads into the stats about literacy in India. Let’s understand with a literacy rate so high almost 75%, why many kids still dream of going to school.

National Education Day 2018 is just a day ahead and we wanted to share something nice with our readers. We earlier thought of showing the progress of education, which we indeed observed in the past few years. But, why to share something that we all can see? Why not something that our eyes usually misses. We can see many kids in school uniform and we feel happy.

Often we fail to see those children who stand somewhere nearby taking a sheer glance at those kids in uniform. The kids who stare have pain in their eyes, the pain of not being able to go to school.

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Stats About Literacy in India 2018

We all love stats, so let’s read the stats of literacy & education in India, as per 2018. Though most of the points are referred from various sources of media, we highly recommend the viewer’s discretion.

  1. As per Wikipedia, it is said that India is having a Literacy rate of around 74-75% in 2018.
  1. This includes the figures accumulated at the state level and merged together to calculate the Literacy rate. And FYI, Tripura and Kerala have the highest Literacy rate of 94% & 91% (respectively).
  1. More than 3000 Schools are funded by govt to provide quality education.
  1. Mid-Day meals were introduced which encouraged many people to take a leap of faith in govt school for education.

Everything seems fine??? Let’s put it in another way.

  1. There are 35 million children from urban areas in India who don’t go to school. Remember we mentioned children who stare??? They fall into this category.
  1. As per the survey, there are more than 80-90 million children who depend solely on scholarship and external financial sources or some take debt.

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  1. In rural areas, education to female children has actually grown by 2% from last year but still, more than 25 million girls are financially poor to go to school.
  1. A reporter recently tweeted an incident where he asked a little girl selling flowers, ‘You should be at school’. She replied, ‘No, I shall be at work so that my brother can go to School’… Devastating right??

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The Literacy rate in India is 75% as per stats, but there are 25% of the children who still need our support. With a total child population in India around 12157810, just imagine, how many children are looking for an opportunity to go to school?

Let’s make their dreams come true. Donate now for the children who need our help to go to school. Click here or find a donate button on the top right of the website.