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SaveTheChild Anniversary GALA | Biggest Charity Event in the USA

SaveTheChild Anniversary GALA - Biggest Charity Event in the USA

When the biggest Charity event in the USA is around the corner for which SERUDS president Mallikarjuna, this article is an extension of our previous post.

In our previous article, we mentioned SaveTheChild Foundation’s appreciation for SERUDS NGO work. We also mentioned how SERUDS social was recognized by international NGOs based in the USA.

In this article, we’ll explore the SaveTheChild Foundation’s 11th Anniversary, the guest of honor list & all the programs.

But before which what’s so special with the organization? 

It is much more than a regular NGO, in the modern state of Dallas in the USA, the organization feeds a lot of people, frequent fundraising happens in collaboration with other corporate firms or NGOs. View official Site

A decade long organization wanted to celebrate their Anniversary GALA in the biggest possible manner & then the list of guest of honor was made. 

Following the official FB page of SaveTheChild, here’s the list of guest of honor: 

We are both honored and excited to see the head of our SERUDS family, Mallikarjuna garu to be called as a Chief Guest. 

The charity event is to be held on 31st Aug and we can’t keep calm as SERUDS is a part of the biggest Charity event in the USA. 

SERUDS has great terms with the international foundation. Another post by the CEO of SaveTheChild Mr.Ravi Kantamshetty showcases the support of Seruds to SaveTheChild Org: 

Nevertheless, all these people are with the same agenda, Collect donations from those who can help & give it to the people who need help. 

We’ll update the event and its proceedings to all. Happy Reading.