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Want To Know the Truth behind Salman Khan Charity Work? Read This

Want To Know The Truth Behind Salman Khan's Charity Work, Read This

Guess you have already heard about “Charity Work by Salman Khan’ or his organization ‘Being Human’. But how much he has donated so far?? Let’s learn in this blog, the list of charity work and contributions done by Bollywood megastar Salman Khan.

Salman Khan Charity’s work is always talk of the town. The Race 3 star has always indulged himself in the betterment of society. From meeting Cancer patients to sponsoring the education of thousands of children, Salman Khan does it all.

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Many people say that Salman Khan Charity’s work is nothing but propaganda under his Foundation ‘Being Human’. Well, we have ‘Freedom of Expression’, can’t help but we have gathered enough information about it which we’ll list in this blog.

Here’s the List of Charity Work by Salman Khan

  1. As per India Times; Salman Khan uses only 10 % of his total income, rest goes for Charity.
  1. In the Year 2010, Salman Khan pledged to donate his Bone Marrow at a conference. And when there was a requirement for the same, He didn’t back out, instead, he was one among the first donors.
  1. In the year 2007, Being Human was launched by Salman Khan and the first project of the foundation was to take 300 underprivileged kids for his recent hit film, Partner.
  1. Salman Khan’s Foundation was trolled for selling merchandise but little did this trollers knew that in 2016, a whopping 300 crores were raised by selling being human t-shirts, caps, etc which was used for various causes.

Salman Khan Charity Work

  1. Even before Being Human, during the ’90s Salman Khan used to visit Manovikas Kendras & NGOs for treatment of the deprived section of society.
  1. Salman Khan after attending a party found street children selling colouring books outside the venue. Since Salman carries only credit cards, he borrowed money from his bodyguards and bought the books. Also, Being Human sponsored education for those kids.

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  1. When Salman Khan’s Kick was raving high on success, the actor announced on Twitter, “If any kids on F B ya twitter who has a heart condition n can’t afford to get it treated, Being Human will get 100 genuine patients treated.”
  1. During the shoot of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, moved by a letter from one of Kashmir resident ‘Zaina Begum’. Salman provided a job to the elder son of Zaina and also gave an order for the construction of the home for her family.

Well, the list goes endless. Salman Khan Charity’s work for various social causes is as huge as his stardom.

People have diverse opinions on him considering active legal proceedings upon his name. Nevertheless, nothing can belittle his charity work.

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