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True Story Of Kalyanasundaram, 79 Yrs Old Librarian Who Donated Crores

True Story Of Kalyanasundaram, 76 Yrs Old Librarian Who Donated Crores (2)

In this article, let’s reveal the truth behind Kalyanasundaram, a real-life hero who has been an international sensation for philanthropic work.

We have been writing about celebrity charity work in many of our previous blogs. But when we tried searching about real heroes of India, we mean common people with commendable social work, Kalyanasundaram’s work shocked us all. 

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With many international awards into his kitty, it’s very embarrassing because no one in India knows about him. This article is more like a tribute to one of the best charitable people ever. 

Who is Kalyanasundaram? 

Kalyanasundaram is a retired 79-year-old retired Librarian who was born in Melakarivelamkulam in Tamil Nadu. He lost his dad at a very early age and was raised by mom. That’s when he was always taught the simplicity of life and how one can be mindful of others. 

He was born with a feminine voice and faced challenges in his early teenage years. Despite that, Kalyanasundaram was a gold medalist in Library Science.

Kalyanasundaram Charity Work:

Since childhood, Kalyanasundaram was raised in a very down to earth manner where he actually learned the art of giving. He then realized his aim of life which was helping people. After getting a gold medal, he landed into a job as a librarian.

Kalyanasundaram then started donating his entire salary and took some odd jobs to meet his daily expenses. He has donated his entire 30 years of salary for charity

Kalyanasundaram - Man of the millennium

A huge amount of close to 10 lakhs of his retirement funds were also donated by Kalyanasundaram for needy people. 

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He became the first person in the world to offer his entire earnings for charity. His commendable charity work was very soon noticed by international media and he became an international sensation. 

Kalyanasundaram was awarded the most prestigious title, ‘Man Of The Millennium’ and he was also declared as the first person in the world to offer his entire earnings for charity.

When we asked people in India randomly about Kalyanasundaram, close to 99.6 % of the people didn’t know about him. It’s sad and disturbing as we, Indians don’t even know the gems the world has bowed down to. 

Nevertheless, this article is just a tribute to Kalyanasundaram. People like him are the reason the world is a better place for everyone.