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Journey Of Her Life: From Garbage Bin To Joy Home Orphanage

Journey Of Her Life- From Garbage Bin To Joy Home Orphanage

In this blog: We are sharing a story of a girl whose journey of life started from a garbage bin to our Joy Home Orphanage which will melt your heart.

Disclaimer: Names and location are changes considering the sensitivity of the story.

We are living in a society where many people think that giving birth to a girl child is a sin. They pray to god to have a male child not knowing the value of having a female child.

Such is the story of Priya…

It was the year 2010, exactly 8 years from now. Two young men around 20 years (Sonu and David) was on their way, somewhere near outskirts of the city where they stood by at a tea stall. The dogs were barking loudly at a small dog, near the garbage bin, the two men went to save the dog and what they found there was shocking, they saw an infant baby inside the bin. They were scared, Sonu told, “let’s just go away, we might get into trouble”. But David took the baby in hand and went to the near hospital, also he informed to police and they arrived in some time.

The testimonial of Sonu and David was recorded after which they continued their journey, Sonu said to David, “what you did is right, I wish I could have confidence like you”

Here at the hospital, the policemen were enquiring about the baby, and soon it was found that there’s no one who can claim the child. When we came to know about the child, we went straight to the hospital, and brought the little angel and named it Priya, means Dear or Loved one.

At Joy Home Orphanage, we have a place for every child who has no one except God.

At Joy Home Orphanage, we have place for every child who has no one except god.

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The investigation got no progress but the best part was the baby was safe into the best hands, all thanks to those youngsters. We have given her everything she needed, and now she is in 5th standard, living happy playful life.

This was the journey of ‘Priya’, from Garbage bin to Joy Home Orphanage.

It is true that even in some societies there are people who commit such unpardonable offence of female infanticide.

Let’s hope such mentalities will change for the better.

Want to know about Priya? Want to help her and many such girls for education? Click here.