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Celebrate International Day of Happiness by Making Charity & Donations

Hello, readers, it was International Day of Happiness yesterday. We all know that it was started by United Nations special advisor, Jayme Illien (actually we didn’t know, we read Wikipedia, LOL).

The occasion is noticed on 20th March of every year. There are a lot of people who celebrate it with parties and enjoyment.

It’s really happy to see people having fun, enjoying. It’s amazing to see everyone smiling.

But we have a question, what is happiness?

People define happiness in their own way. A 55 year old generally defines happiness as reading newspaper in a peaceful environment and 20 years old defines happiness as buying a latest mobile phone.

We strive day and night for searching happiness in materialistic things and according to a recent study, the pursuit of relentless happiness will eventually make you unhappy.

So, let’s try and find the Happiness right where you are.

True Happiness is in the joy of Giving, By Making Charity

Yes, the happiness is not purchased its earned and the best way is by helping others by making charity and bringing a smile on others. This kind of happiness is something that money can’t buy.

Happiness is being the reason for someone's smile

Happiness is being the reason of someone’s smile“- Mallikarjuna Gorla, Director of Seruds India

Even in the film, Schindler’s List, the millionaire gets true happiness when he helps other people, not when he enjoys the wealth all alone.

Just imagine if people start considering the fact that, if everyone around them is happy it will ultimately give the feeling of happiness as charity can bring happiness to your lives.

Let’s start making charity with an agenda of having happiness for self. This way, the world can be a better place for everyone.

Start your Charity now.