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Humanity Still Exists – These Incidents are Definitive Proof

Humanity Still Exists

Humanity still exists and in this blog, we’ll share a few incidents that can prove the fact that there are still many generous people who make this world survivable.

There’s a tiny bit of humanity still prevailing on this planet otherwise the human race wouldn’t have survived. The fair line that differentiates human and other living organisms are the sound sense of humanity. 

When we read about crime, killing, etc on news we’ll get negative feelings but that’s not the whole story. We get inspired when we read some famous humanity quotes. As a coin has two sides or all the fingers of your hand can’t be of the same length, we can’t expect every person to be equally good.

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The incidents mentioned here are real but due to sensitive reasons, we cannot share the details. 

Here Are The Incidents Proving Humanity Still Exists

  • Some stranger returned a wallet found on the road. The wallet was filled with cash and the stranger travelled 15 km to return it. (It happened with one of the close sources of Seruds).
  • An elderly person didn’t have money to buy lunch and the fellow stranger in the line paid for his food and gifted to him. Watch video

  • Homeless women went to the restaurant to seek food but were thrown out and then a young lady stood by her. In the video below, you can see how the lady is protecting the homeless and also feeding her. 

  • A lady along with her kids entered a jewellery shop. She wanted to sell a ring gifted by her mother because she was broke. The man at the jewelry shop gave her the required money and also the ring and mentioned it as ‘a gift’. The lady seems to get emotional and gave a warm hug to the man. Watch video. 

  • A dog was seen sobbing when the rescue team reached to save her. The heartwarming video shows how the animal was saved. This is definitive proof that humanity still exists. 

We always say humanity is alive and it is because of you people and your donations, a few people can have food, some go to school and some go to school, some get medical support. 

We thank all our donors who always support us with their contributions. 

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