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How You Celebrated Mother’s Day?

Donate for Old Age Homes- Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day just bygone, you may be feeling happy the way you expressed your love for your mother. Whilst, some of us clicked selfie and published on social media and some carry a perspective of ‘every day should be a mother’s day.

Whilst some people celebrate, some regard it as one of the regular days.

And that’s total human to have a contrast of opinions.

Be it anything,

We meet people, who may be atheists or theists,

We meet people who might be radical or conservative

They might be sceptical about religion and miracles.

Amidst all these million differences mothers love makes each one of us fall under the same umbrella, where all our erratic behaviours subsume.

The heartbreaking truth is that we are all living a hypocritical life where only if everything seems fine is good, doesn’t matter if it is really fine or not.

Just for an example, Your mom is working hard 365 days, and one day you sit with her and clicked a selfie, posted on social media just for likes (fact is your mom doesn’t even use that social media.

Is that really necessary? Let’s try to be nice and helpful to every ‘Mom’ because they make countless sacrifices which we can’t even imagine.

Everyday is a Mother's Day, because one day is just not good enough.

Let’s Honour and appreciate our mothers what they have done for us. Take today as an opportunity to honour not only your beloved mother but also all the mothers in the world who have not only nurtured your spirits and efforts but also yourself.

Mother our silver lining, everyone’s constant miracle compassion being our first lesson from her, her prayers that shadow us down the lane.

And perhaps this explains the saying,

An ounce of mother is worth a ton of priest.

So on this mother’s day let’s not be grateful to just our own mother, let’s relearn the compassion she taught us and let us draw ourselves close to nature and each other. Nothing can replace mothers love. Let’s give our mothers the same amount of love and time that they showered on us.
What’s in a human when you are not compassionate?

There are many mothers who wait for their kids but they never come…. And the saddest part is they struggle even for the basic amenities like food, medicine etc.

Make a donation, and help our old mothers.

Happy belated Mother’s Day…