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Fill The Life of Needy People With Colors Of Charity: Eco Friendly Holi

In this blog: Learn the best way to celebrate holi, by helping needy people ECO FRIENDLY HOLI

Rang barse bheege chunar wali rang barse… This is the song we will hmm, sing and dance for few days as the festivals of colours is here, Holi.

We all can see people dipped in colours, breaking eggs on each other, and the redness of the ‘gulal’ (colour powder used to play Holi) will be there on skin for many days.

It is great fun in playing Holi with friends and family. But do you know how much pollution Holi celebration causes?

Pollution Due to Holi Celebration:

During Holi festival Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Particulate matter levels go high which causes poor air quality.

Also on this auspicious day participants also burst fireworks which release harmful gases and toxic substances into the air which can be measured by air quality monitoring.


We burn ‘Holika Dahan that causes a lot of pollution and the colour used in Holi is also very bad to skin, many faces allergies and skin diseases for months.

Water Wastage Due To Holi

The wastage of water could be estimated that while playing Holi, a person uses at least two buckets of water.

A bucket is of 15 liters, which means that about 30 liters of water are wasted by a person on Holi. If about five lakh persons play with water on Holi, then 150 lakh liters of water would be wasted.


People spend lakhs of rupees on gulal, eggs, tomatoes, etc. Nationwide, we can see a total amount of more than 4-5 crore rupees just on gulal.

Let's not spill the colors on each other. Instead, Let's donate that amount to needy people and fill their life with colors of Happiness

Instead of celebrating holi by regular ways that cause pollution, hazardous to the environment, we can celebrate holi by bringing colours in the life of the people who are living in the darkness of necessities and can be filled by us .

Let’s bring colours of Happiness in the life of needy people by making charity and donation and celebrate Eco Friendly Holi

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At last, Happy Holi to everyone.