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8 Year Old Became 3 Year Old Sister’s Mother: Heart-breaking Story

8 Year Old Became 3 Year Old Sister’s Mother- Heartbreaking Story

In this Blog: We’ll discuss a heart-breaking story about an 8-year-old boy. Situations forced him to become a mother of her 3-year-old. We came across one incident and nothing could stop us from sharing with Y’all.

Disclaimer: Names, places etc. are supposed to be kept hidden. Images and names (wherever used) are entirely imaginative.

Ever thought about how you’ll live your life without parents? Can’t even imagine right.

But there are thousands of homeless children who lead their life on the footpaths. They don’t get food, education and most importantly love.

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Some children are way too matured even before their age that they manage to fight odds with their tiny toddler’s hands.

So, here’s one such incident, a heart-breaking story that made us weep like a kid.

On our way from some meeting, we stood down near a tea stall to board another bus. That’s when we have seen a kid around 7 or 8 years old, carrying a 3-year baby in hand. The boy was thin like a stick. (Of course, lack of proper food causes Malnutrition in kids).

He came to the tea stall asking for milk.

He didn’t have enough money but the tea stall owner was humble & gave him the milk the boy asked for.

The kid took that & poured in a milk bottle (with a pacifier on the lid).

He took that baby onto his lap and started feeding that baby (just like a mother, but he was barely 8 yr old).

We asked him, “Hey kid, is this baby your sister? where are your parents”.

He replied, “Yes, this is my sister, Shrishti, my parents work on a construction site. I am responsible to take care of her, daily”.

“Don’t you go to school?”…

“Nope, the school didn’t allow me with this baby, so I chose her over the school, he replied innocently.

“Did you had your lunch?”

“I don’t eat lunch, I have to wait till dinner” he replied.

Everyone around (including us) were emotionally shaken.

The kid himself was hungry but preferred buying milk. Also at such a young age he was matured and selfless enough to take mature decisions.

The baby started crying… He said “Shush dear no worry, mamma is here, your mamma is here”, He managed to make her quiet.

“She thinks I am mamma”, He laughed.

The whole episode of innocence was too tear-jerking for us that we kept quiet for a while.

Later our people from our Daycare center approached their parents so that the baby can be in safe hands and her ‘ 8-year-old mother’ can go to school.

Some incidents are very casual and normal but the impact of which turns it into a heart-breaking story.

We humbly request everyone to make enough charity that Day Care Centers and Orphanages can manage to buy the required food for the little angels. (Find the link on top right of the page).