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Google Company Charity Work | World’s Biggest Firm, Even Bigger at Heart

Google Company Charity Work

In this blog: Get to know the Google Company Charity work for tremendous social causes. This is a tribute to the tech giant for everything they have been doing for the needy people worldwide.

Before we get started with the social work by Google LLC, let’s shed a light on its back story. Google was started in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in a small room. Now it stands as the most influential company with people close to a lakh working with them

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In the next segment, we’ll discuss the list of charity work by Google LLC. Before that… a fun fact.

Fact about Google - Charity Worrk
Fascinating right… Now let’s get to the point and discuss the charities and donations made by Google Company.

Charity and Social Work by Google – Verified List of Work

  1. Google decided to pay salaries to people who are away from work for half a year and wanna go to social activities. With this several people showed their interest in charity work. Smart move Google.
  2. Google provides a special Ad grant for nonprofits and several privileges for charitable org.  Any NGO can avail it easily. Click here to avail.
  3. Google also gives every NGO a total of 10,000 USD (close to select lakhs) every month to run a free Ad campaign.
  4. As per post published on USA Today, Google has made a record-breaking charity in 2016.
  5. Google has extremely user-oriented products just for helping people. For example, Google Person Finder used to search for people during crises.

There are companies that do charity work just because they have CSR activities to be done at any cost. What’s noble in that? And then comes companies like Google who actually takes charities and donations like a responsibility.

The list is unlimited. Google is undoubtedly working for the betterment of society and we’d love to see you doing the same. Click to donate to Seruds and help make the world a better place.

Please do comment below if there’s something we missed. 🙂