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GiveIndia Review: Is it Safe to Give India via GiveIndia?

GiveIndia Review_ Is it Safe to Give India via GiveIndia_

GiveIndia Review: A quick view of how genuine the non-profit is. How safe your donations are with ‘India’s most trusted Online Donation Portal’.

When it comes to a safe Online donation portal, a few names like Milaap Foundation, Ketto & yeah GiveIndia pops up. In this blog, let’s find an answer to one of the most asked questions like, Is it safe to donate via GiveIndia. 

What is GiveIndia?

A simple idea of bringing together the two different kinds of people, the one who needs help and the one who is willing to donate. 

GiveIndia is a simple crowdfunding portal that helps donors to make a charity for different causes, non-profits, the section of the society, etc.

Genuine Review on GiveIndia:

Started back in 2000, GiveIndia has touched the lives of lakhs of people with the help of 1000s of donors worldwide. Reportedly GiveIndia is a community of 200+ NGOs & plenty of A-listed corporate companies. FYI even SERUDS is a part of the GiveIndia community.

All the donations received are either 

for a cause, 

for an NGO or 

for an Individual which are duly forwarded to the respective recipient. In fact, Donors can actually see the status of their contribution.

Is It Safe To Donate to GiveIndia?

All the donations made to GiveIndia are 100% safe and secure. GiveIndia is registered org and hence all donations are completely Tax-Free. Since the legal status of an NGO is important for tax exemptions.

To establish this fact there’s a whole separate section on GiveIndia’s website called ‘Give Assured’. Here’s a snapshot of the page: source

GiveIndia Safe Donations

The follow-up process of donations is very strict with GiveIndia. Also if there’s any program is added, they make sure it is verified.

Verification visits are conducted by randomly identifying two or more beneficiaries of a program from the reports that have been sent by the nonprofits. Our team then visit the beneficiary, usually directly without prior information. Says GiveIndia.

So the bottom line is, GiveIndia is completely safe to donate and yeah the world needs people like you. Donate to SERUDS via GiveIndia

Donate to Seruds Projects on GiveIndia