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Sponsor M Lakshmi Devamma

₹1 of ₹2 lakh raised

Nationality, Religion and Caste      Hindu

Husband name                            M. Narasimhaih Shetty

Permanent Address                      Aija

Date of Birth and Age                    75 years

General educational qualification          Uneducated

Her Story

Lakshml Devamma and Narasimhaih Shetty wire managing a hotel in Aija. They had two daughters, Jayamma and Jayaprada, both of whom were married. Additionally. they had a son named Jaya Prakash, who worked as a wholesale supplier. Unfortunately, Narasimhaih succumbed to cancer despite the significant amount of money spent on his treatment.

The couple found themselves in a considerable amount of debt after the medical expenses. Lakshmi Devamma determined to ensure a bright future for her daughters, successfully arranged their marriages despite the loss of her husband. However, after Jaya Prakash’s marriage, he became preoccupied with his own life and was unable to financially support his mother.

Lakshmi Devamma, now suffering from blood pressure and knee pain, found solace and care at SERUDS NGO. The organization selflessly took on the responsibility of providing for her basic needs without any expectations, except for their well wishes. Through their support, Lakshmi Devamma receives the necessary assistance and attention to address her health issues and live a more comfortable life. SERUD NGO’s compassionate care ensures that Lakshmi Devamma is not alone in her struggles and can face life’s challenges with greater resilience.

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