Sponsor elder Lakshmi-Narasamma

Lakshmi Narasamma

Category : Old Age Home
Age : 75 years
Spouse Name : Pullaiah (late)
Children : ..
Address : Kalvagram village, Orvakal Zone, Kurnool District


My name is Lakshmi Narasamma.  I belong to Kalvagram village, Orvakal Zone, Kurnool District. My mother and father both worked on owned farm in the same village; we also had cattle, and sheep.  I got married at the age of 28 years, to Pullaiah, who belonged to the same village. My husband has no assets, no house and no farm. He worked as a labourer on farms, and made a living.  I was not in good health to go to work.  So we had to manage with my husband’s income.  I stay home and manage the home.   Even now he continues that work and comes back after work is completed in the sugarcane depot .   After 8 years of marriage, I felt I could not stay in the village alone so I went with my husband and rented a house near the sugarcane depot.  We lived for there for 5 years with his earnings.

Unfortunately, my husband had severe pain one day and was diagnosed with lung cancer due to smoking .   Luckily, we have Arogyashree card to pay for the medical expenses.   After three months ,  our savings got over, so the sugarcane depot permitted him to resume his job.  His health was fine for 4 months and but while working, he got addicted to beedi and cigarettes again.  He has been on medicines for 10 years. We spent all the money that he earned on medicines. One day,  he had severe pain again.  He was confined to bed with the disease for 3 months and died.

As I could not stay alone in the town of Kurnool and pay rent,  I decided to go to my village, but there was no one to take care of me in my village, Kalvagram. The priest of the local temple asked me to stay there while working in the temple.

After about three  months, my third sister called from Kadapa. she said that she would take care of me,  so I went to her home. In my sister’s home I  take care on my sister’s children to go to school daily and do the housework.  After 2 years  their children were joined in hostels. Since then they have been quarreling with me over the little things. My elder sister also quarreled with me. I did not want them to quarrel with me and I came back to my  village temple.

The temple priest told me that I could go to SERUDS Old Age Home.   I have been living happily for the last 5 years without any difficulties, sufferings.


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